Hitec reduces service disruptions for a leading global package delivery and logistics company’s propane powered Alberta fleet

Hitec’s service and maintenance contract reduces propane fleet’s service disruption time


A lead global package delivery and logistics company, with operations in Canada, recently purchased 80+ Alberta based delivery trucks operating on new propane technology. The company didn’t have existing repair infrastructure or expertise to certify and maintain this fleet.


Hitec provided certification and maintenance service for the entire new Alberta fleet of eighty plus
propane powered delivery trucks.

  • Quicker response time on vehicle maintenance
  • Mitigation of affects of cold weather on propane powered vehicles
  • Decreased unit out of service time
  • One point of contact for Alberta fleet service
  • Decreased administrative burden

Initially, the company requested Hitec to certify their globally-standardized propane powered vehicles, which was required by Alberta regulators.

After working with Hitec on their propane vehicle certification, the global delivery company asked Hitec to provide support and maintenance for their entire new Alberta based fleet citing Hitec’s expertise in propane and alternate fuel technology.

Hitec was responsive in addressing the vehicle fleet with the new propane technology. Hitec also provided the fleet’s manufacturer invaluable feedback on possible changes to the fleet’s standardized propane solution to accommodate the cold Alberta environment.

Hitec worked seamlessly with the global delivery company’s Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and national offices, including their propane equipment supplier, to ensure maximum reduction in vehicle failures and downtime. Hitec consistently provided expedient resolutions.

The company plans to renew the fleet service and maintenance contact.