Hitec’s customized upfitting solutions reduce costs and delivery time

Hitec’s customized upfitting solutions reduce costs by 15% and delivery time up to 70%


An oil company required their new pickup trucks to be equipped with custom decks,Tool Boxes,Off-road/Mud Tires Running and Step Bars, Grills, Cab Organizers, Seat Covers, Floor Mats, and Bug Deflectors to ensure full functionality, operability, and operator comfort in their rugged environment. Given operational time constraints, the company required quick delivery.


Hitec’s experienced upfitting staff worked with the customer, and their leasing company, to provide a customized upfitting solution that met the customer’s operational needs. Hitec worked closely with the client’s leasing company to ensure quick delivery of the vehicles.

  • Cost savings of 15% versus customer’s previous upfitter
  • Delivery time reduction up to 70%
  • Vehicles delivered directly to customers location
  • Less Administrative burden for the custom
  • One point of contact for all of the customers upfitting requirements

A North American energy company had a need for vehicle upfitting on their pickup truck fleets in various locations in Alberta and British Colombia. The upfitting service was to be coupled with compressed natural gas (CNG) bifuel conversions.

Hitec was awarded both the CNG bifuel conversion contact and upfitting contact, given Hitec’s ability to provide turnkey fleet solutions.
To the surprise and pleasure of the energy company, Hitec’s upfitting costs were 15% less and the delivery time was up to 70% less than their previous suppliers, who were Ford or GM dealers.

Hitec’s focused team was able to have vehicles upfitted within two (2) days, whereas the energy company’s previous supplier could take up to fourteen (14) days.

Hitec was able to work directly with the energy company’s leasing company to ensure seamless logistics and on-site delivery of vehicles.