The EVO-SP System ensures operator safety using integrated controls, sensors and remote emergency stops. The EVO-SP System gas train includes dual redundant, normally closed, DC-powered gas shut-off valves as well as a manual gas shut-off valve.

The EVO-SP gas train meets the most stringent requirements and is approved for worldwide use by UL, UR, CSA, FM, CE, AGA and GOST. The EVO-SP System also includes a combustible gas detector and a flame detector providing additional safety and security for operators and facility personnel. In the event that an open flame and/or combustible gas is detected in the generator area, the System automatically reverts the generator to 100% diesel operation and de-energizes the dual gas solenoid valves. In addition, the EVO-SP System can be electronically linked to third party control systems allowing for additional alerting and remote gas shut-off capabilities in the event of fire and/or gas leaks.

Safety Features

  • Flame Detection
  • Combustible Gas Detection
  • Air-Gas Mixture Inflammable Outside
  • Combustion Chamber
  • High Exhaust / Turbo Temperature
  • High Boost Pressure / Temperature Engine
  • Over-Speed Protection
  • High Vibration (Knock Detection)
  • Excess Diesel & Gas Flow
  • Gas Throttle Position Feedback Loop