The EVO-SP System ensures continued engine and generator reliability when operating in NG+D mode. The EVO-SP ECU monitors critical parameters including fuel rates, exhaust gas temperatures, vibration levels, manifold air temperatures, mass airflow, gas pressures, vibration levels, engine coolant temperature, engine RPM, compressor inlet pressures and manifold air pressures. Each ECU data channel is sampled up to 50 times per second ensuring rapid detection and correction of anomalies.

Unlike competitive technologies that utilize a single safety setpoint at maximum load conditions, the EVO-SP System includes Dynamic Setpoint MonitoringTM (DSM). DSM monitors engine performance across the generator load range and provides discrete safety and control setpoint values that are referenced to baseline performance curves in 100% diesel mode. In the event that the System deactivates NG+D mode, transition to 100% diesel mode is performed without interruption in generator output or stability.