Hitec is pleased to offer GFS Corp’s EVO-SP dual fuel systems for stationary engines. These systems allow large diesel guzzling engines to offset a significant portion of the more expensive diesel fuel, thus creating significant cost savings.

The EVO-SP™ System is not just an improvement over conventional dual fuel conversion systems, but an entirely new approach to managing dual fuel under dynamic load conditions. Other systems map critical pre-alarm and shut down set points only at maximum load or at a few selected load profiles. The EVO-SP™ System incorporates Dynamic Setpoint Protection™ that maps critical setpoints continuously across the entire load range of the engine, safely allowing maximum gas substitution rates. This is accomplished by monitoring mass air flow using GFS Corp’s new, proprietary, patent pending, mass air flow sensor technology. Other dual fuel systems adjust the fuel by reacting to changing load conditions, typically by using kWe transducers. By using mass air flow, the EVO-SP System anticipates load changes instead of reacting after the event has already taken place. The system also incorporates a touch screen display with a graphical user interface, an intelligent and fast engine control unit that monitors and responds to key engine sensors every 50 milliseconds, innovative air/gas mixers with fast acting, integrated throttle bodies, pre-assembled gas trains and plug and play wiring harnesses. All pre-tested at the factory.