Hitec’s CNG bi-fuel conversions allow oilfield camp based operations to save operating costs and reduce CO2 emissions

Hitec’s CNG conversions save $300K/year and reduce CO2 emissions by 73 tonnes /yr


A major integrated oil company wanted to utilize readily available natural gas as fuel from their northern Alberta based oilfield facility for their service pickup truck fleet without compromising vehicle functionality and reliability.


Install proprietary Hitec CNG bifuel conversion technology systems on new Ford and GM truck fleet.

  • Lower operating costs versus gasoline
  • Lower environmental risks with reduced gasoline spills and staining
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Ford and GM factory warranty still valid
  • Hitec’s warranty offered on bifuel conversion
  • Cost of vehicle conversion paid off well before vehicle retirement

A major integrated oil company with oil sands, conventional oil, and conventional gas operations throughout Alberta decided to utilize natural gas – produced at one of their northern Alberta facilities – as a transport fuel for their entire truck fleet at that facility.

Since the fleet was an integral part of operations, it was critical that vehicle reliability was not compromised. Additionally, the oil company wanted to ensure that the cost of the CNG conversion would be paid off well before the vehicle was retired, which was about 115,000 km.

Hitec, using their proprietary bifuel CNG conversion kit, transformed thirty two (32) vehicles – consisting of Ford F150, and Ford F250, and GMC 1500, and GMC 2500 models – to operate on both gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG) in an industry-leading timeframe.

Ford and GM factory warranty was still valid on all conversions. Additionally, Hitec’s rugged and reliable system, backed by a comprehensive warranty, ensured the fleet would maintain operational and functional reliability during the harsh Canadian winter, and in rugged terrain with no impact to driver operation.

The fleet was able to realize an annual savings of $300,000 and an annual reduction of 73 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Eighteen (18) months after Hitec delivered the trucks directly to the isolated location, there have been only two operational issues with Hitec’s CNG bifuel system for the entire fleet. The issues were minor, and Hitec resolved both quickly.

The oil company is now moving forward converting fleets in two other Alberta locations.