For over 20 years, Hitec has been offering compressed natural gas (CNG) bi-fuel solutions that allow vehicles to operate on CNG and their existing fuel source (diesel or gasoline). We work with fleet managers, leasing companies, and dealers to convert new and older vehicles to run on CNG. This conversion work can be done in our facility or, in the future, at one of our partners’ facilities depending on customer requirements for delivery and service.

All of our conversions meet municipal, provincial, and federal regulations. Rigorous testing and constant development and refinement of our systems in cold and rugged environments ensures quality, dependability, and safety. Our systems have performed in cold environments (-40C/-40F) and hot environments (+45C/+113F).

This is a differentiator between our systems and other’s. Because our customers’ vehicles are used for critical operations, we are committed in providing rugged, reliable and safe CNG systems. To bolster our commitment to reliability, Hitec offers an industry leading warranty on all CNG conversions.

Hitec’s robust CNG conversion systems have been utilized by municipal fleets, Fortune 500 companies, and international markets.

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