Hitec Fuel Systems Ltd., leveraged by experience and proprietary technology, is a leading provider of natural gas vehicle (NGV) conversion systems, and turnkey upfitting and vehicle maintenance and repair.

Hitec was founded in Edmonton, Canada, in 1990. The company has relied on its core product line since its inception over twenty 20 years ago. Hitec’s natural gas conversion systems utilize proprietary algorithms and programming, which is imbedded in system software. This programming is critical in ensuring the conversion operates reliably in rugged and cold environments.

With a commitment to research and development, Hitec continues to advance their systems for newer vehicle models. Hitec is also working on a product development linked to customer demand for natural gas conversion for heavy duty diesel engines that are economically viable, and reliable.

The company supports global clients with vehicle conversions, alternative fuel systems, application engineering, training, service parts and research and development. For over 20 years, Hitec has been Canada’s leader in conversions and systems integration for the NGV industry.